V&R Energy: Smart Grid Solutions for Electric Transmission System Operators and Planners


The Smart Grid tools and solutions which are offered by V&R cover the following areas of transmission system operation:

Improvement of the Transmission Grid Reliability to Facilitate Integration of Renewable Energy

In 2009, V&R Energy Receives a DOE Award for Wind Integration Study "Improving Reliability of Transmission Grid to Facilitate Integration of Wind Energy in Tri-State G&T and AECI".

This demonstration project which offers a solution to reliably and effectively deliver clean power is performed using POM Applications Suite.

The award-winning scope includes: load flow, contingency analysis, voltage stability analysis, fast fault screening, transient stability analysis, prediction of the cascading outages, transmission system optimization, and a boundary-based solution that will be used to assess transient and steady-state stability of the system with the addition of various levels of wind generation.

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Utilization of PMU Data to Predict the System Instability and Generate Alarms

Region of Stability Existence (ROSE) is the only existing tool that uses the PMU data for the effective prediction of steady-state instability in Real-Time.

ROSE provides the operators with a new level of real-time situational awareness by incorporating the high rate PMU and SCADA data into computation of the steady-state stability margin and its visualization.

It continuously monitors the power system conditions by incorporating the high rate PMU data into the calculation of a stability margin and visualization, and alarms the operator of the changes in the power system. That will allow the operator to take the timely remedial actions towards preventing the system instability.

ROSE is a part of the WECC Western Interconnection Synchrophasor Program (WISP) and ISO New England Synchrophasor Infrastructure and Data Utilization (SIDU) Project.

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Improvement of the Transmission Grid Efficiency by Minimizing System Losses

The intended purpose of this solution is to minimize both real I2R and reactiveI2X losses in the Planning and Real-Time environments.

Another issue related to optimization of I2R and I2X losses is the power factor. Having a customer base with high power factor will reduce the resistive and reactive losses.

The tool which is offered as a part of this solution minimizes the I2R and I2X losses by optimizing the existing sources of reactive power as well as placing additional capacitor banks at the specific locations.

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Smart Approach to Prevention of a Voltage Collapse

Voltage stability is one of the most severe problems facing the electric utilities. Real-time stability monitoring and control, as well as ensuring the grid reliability through comprehensive voltage stability analysis in Planning environment are the backbones of the smart transmission system.

Capabilities of the V&R Solution

  • Computation of the exact values of voltage stability margins under any system conditions, both in Planning and Real Time
  • Determination of the operating voltage stability region – the only region within which the power system may be securely operated, both in Planning and Real Time
  • Accurate prediction of the voltage collapse
  • Prediction of two types of cascading failures due to (a) successive line tripping and (b) deficit of the reactive power in the system
  • Quick identification of the optimal mitigation measures needed to alleviate the voltage collapse
  • Identification of the optimal mitigation measures needed to increase the voltage stability margin, and thus the power flows along the critical interfaces.

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Network Communications and Cyber Security for the Smart Grid

Telecommunications is the backbone of the Smart Grid. We have consultants who are highly experienced in the areas of network communications and cyber security. Our consulting services include: network infrastructure architecture, planning and design, as well as comprehensive security and network assessment and deployment strategy.


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