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What The Users Say

“POM/OPM software is a robust, user-friendly, extremely flexible and fast tool for Operations and Transmission Planning studies, for analyzing and graphically representing power system behavior. At NYPA it is being benchmarked and used as an alternative tool to study maintenance and emergency operating conditions. It can also be used to perform power transfers as well as simultaneous voltage and thermal contingency analysis in a more expedient manner.”

- Liana Hopkins, Senior Planning Engineer, Operations Planning, NYPA. (“EPRI’s Innovators”, 2006).

“The evaluation shows that V&R Energy’s software allows us to do in 20 minutes what normally takes about seven hours with our present system,” observes Paul Dolloff, East Kentucky Power senior engineer. “The software is really fast, so it can perform near real-time analyses and handle a large amount of data.”

Dolloff suggests transmission owners who use similar software could save money. For example, in the event of a problem, the software will let operators know about options that can minimize redispatch, avoid the need to resort to more expensive imports, or maximize import/export capabilities.
“It’s all about having the optimal plan when losing a facility unexpectedly,” he remarks.”

- November 2007 issue of "Rural Electric Magazine" © National Rural Electric Cooperative Association.

“FFS (Fast Fault Screening) is a first of its kind tool in the industry and a powerful one for finding stability problems in large and complex power systems.”

- Sharma Kolluri, Entergy Services.